Judith Braun’s ‘Fingerings’ Series

In contrast to the extravagance and scale of much modern art, there is something about the purity of working with nothing but a pot of paint and some brushes that people find eternally romantic.

But what if you were to go a step further in bringing things back to basics – by painting using only your finger tips?

New York-based artist Judith Braun works using a method as old as civilization its self, but her paintings are no crude cave drawings.

Instead she creates beautiful landscapes and symmetrical artworks on a large scale using nothing but charcoal and her fingertips.

“The inspiration for each Fingering is site specific” Judith explained to us via email.

“I like each one to be different, based on the space and context, but also because I’m interested in exploring the range of possibilities within chosen limitations – in this case, the vocabulary of marks I can make with my fingers dipped in charcoal.

“All my work uses carbon medium (graphite and charcoal) because it is the most common element of life as we know it. So I use my body as a drawing tool, and the material it is made of.”


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