Farah Atassi – Cultural legacies and formal approaches in the medium

The painter Farah Atassi is currently working at her residence and studio in New York. Born in Belgium from Syrian parents and raised in France, Atassi combines various cultural legacies and formal approaches in the medium that she loves most: painting.

Marta Gnyp: Why are you so fascinated by modernist ideas about painting?

Farah Atassi: It is probably my nature: I like efficient and direct painting. I like the idea of painting in a very simple way and using simple forms. The modern functionality model is very close to my way of working – the way the images appear clean while nothing is hidden. I like simple, geometric forms; I like straight lines. My master is Fernand Léger.

MG: Your geometric forms and straight lines don’t result in abstraction though.

FA: I’m more sensitive to figuration. Which means that I don’t want to paint abstract but I don’t want to be too narrative either.




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