Memory Palace – Drawing and storing memories at the V&A

Created by Johnny Kelly and produced by Nexus Interactive Arts, Memory Palace is a “multi-dimensional” exhibition experience at the V&A museum commissioned by Sky Arts based on Hari Kunzru’s fictional novel about the art of memory.

For the interactive work in the exhibition, Johnny Kelly devised a digital platform where visitors are able to draw their memories at the venue on an Android Note tablet and then on submit they are presented as a mosaic of memories inside the Memory Palace. In addition each week, an A1 poster of all the submissions will be screen printed and displayed at the venue, adding to the growing installation.

In tandem, Nexus Interactive Arts and director Evan Boehm developed a web-based drawing tool that thats the idea beyond the museum and allows anyone to contribute to this Memory Bank. You can see all the submission at the link below. The software framework for the exhibition was done by Andrea Cuius.

Memory Palace is on display at the V&A, London until 20th October 2013.


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